Governor Christie’s Transportation Trust Fund Failure

By Phil Murphy

Governor Christie and the politicians in Trenton have failed us, and now we are stuck with a completely unnecessary and devastating shutdown of the Transportation Trust Fund.

This didn’t have to happen. It shouldn’t have happened. And the consequences will hurt every part of our state.

This past weekend, $3.5 billion worth of road and rail projects across New Jersey came to a halt. Commuters will continue to travel on roads that are crumbling and will spend more time stuck in traffic. Workers on these stopped projects won’t receive pay, forcing difficult decisions for many New Jersey families.

Christie knew that without action, this day would come — but instead of showing real leadership and putting all options on the table, Christie once again caved into the special interests like the Koch Brothers, and put his political ambition above doing what’s right for the people of our state.

New Jersey’s failure to raise the gas tax — which is currently the second lowest in the nation — and its insufficient investment in infrastructure has a real impact on residents. Congestion in our state already costs the average driver $861 per year in lost time and wasted fuel, and the poor condition of our roads costs the average driver $601 in repairs. Forty-two percent of our roads are structurally deficient. Twenty-three percent of bridges are “functionally obsolete.”

This crisis is the ultimate failure of Christie and the politicians in Trenton to lead, fix problems, and move our economy forward. It is a win for the special interests and a loss for hard-working New Jersey families.

The job of a governor is to solve problems — not make them worse — tell Governor Christie to get to work and fix the Transportation Trust Fund.

Thank you.