Dumont Democrats Endorse Phil Murphy for Governor

Council Members, Municipal Chair, and Municipal Vice Chair All Stand with Murphy

Dumont Municipal Democratic Chair Irwin Buchheister, Municipal Democratic Vice Chair Carole Stewart, Council President Barbara Correa, Councilwoman Ellen Zamechansky, Councilman Rafael Riquelme, and council candidate Carl Manna today endorsed Phil Murphy for Governor of New Jersey leading into the primary election next June.

“Governor Christie has put special interests and politics before the wellbeing of New Jerseyans far too often,” said longtime Councilwoman Ellen Zamechansky. “Phil Murphy will restore integrity to the Governor’s Office and put Dumont’s families ahead of the special interests. I trust Phil to have the backs of Dumont residents, and that’s why I am endorsing him in next year’s Democratic primary for Governor.”

“The last six years under Governor Christie have hurt New Jersey’s economy and devastated municipal budgets,” Council President Barbara Correa said. “Phil Murphy is the only person with a real plan to ignite our state economy and tackle the problems that other politicians have failed to solve. I am proud to stand with Phil and endorse him for Governor in 2017.”

“Dumont’s Democrats have a history of standing with candidates we know will win, and that’s why we stand with Phil Murphy,” said Buchheister.

Dumont is home to approximately 3,000 registered Democratic voters.

The leaders also cited Murphy’s pledge to fully fund the state’s school funding formula, which would restore more than $860,000 for Dumont’s schools, and his focus on reinvesting in critical infrastructure as reasons for their endorsement.

Murphy said he was honored to earn the endorsement of the Dumont Democrats.

“Outstanding local leadership will help pave the way toward New Jersey’s economic recovery, and Dumont has it,” Murphy said. “I’m honored to earn the endorsements of Chairman Buchheister, Vice Chair Stewart, Council President Correa, Councilwoman Zamechansky, Councilman Riquelme, and council candidate Manna. Together we will work to spark New Jersey’s economy, stabilize local taxes, and have the backs of New Jersey’s middle class families.”