Video: Carpenters Endorse Phil Murphy

The following blog post originally appeared as an email sent to supporters on Wednesday, October 26 from Phil Murphy.

I’ve always believed that strong neighborhoods require good-paying jobs and a thriving, secure middle class. If we’re going to rebuild New Jersey’s middle class, union men and women must be the foundation of any initiative to turn our state around.

Unfortunately, that is the exact opposite of what Governor Christie has done. Instead of looking to unions for solutions, he always seems to look at working people as the problem.

We’re going to change the tone in Trenton and have an administration that holds our hard-working union men and women in the greatest possible respect, not contempt.

So, I was honored to have the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters endorse me and our grassroots campaign to bring progressive change to New Jersey.

The Carpenters put together a great video from the event, and I hope you’ll take a moment to watch it and share it with a few friends:

It’s a simple fact — you can’t have a strong middle class without strong unions. Hiring union means that a job is going to be done right the first time. Hiring union means supporting a family with good wages that allows them to be active participants in our economy. And, hiring union means you get the best-trained, best-educated, most-dedicated workers.

As governor, I’ll invest in infrastructure to create jobs because repairing our crumbling roads and bridges will, in turn, support thousands more jobs by making it easier for New Jerseyans to get to work or go to the store. I’ll crack down on the unscrupulous contractors who try to enrich themselves by conducting payroll fraud, and cheating honest, hard-working people out of their rightful wages and benefits. And I’ll always fight to protect workers’ rights.

It’s not going to be easy to defeat Governor Christie and his allies, like Donald Trump, but if folks like you keep coming together, we’ll bring real change to New Jersey.

Thank you.