Levi Sanders: I’m backing Phil Murphy for Governor

By Levi Sanders

As someone who has been involved in politics all my adult life and currently working in legal services, I understand the concerns that so many families face about their economic future. I saw this front and center when my father, Bernard (Bernie) Sanders, ran for president.

Now, with Donald Trump in the White House and his allies in control of Congress, I won’t stop fighting for the values we share. Equal rights and a fair economy aren’t radical ideas, they’re common sense. And, with New Jersey’s governor’s race being the first test for Democrats in the Trump presidency, we have to plant the flag that our values won’t be compromised.

Recently, I had the chance to talk with Phil Murphy about his plans for New Jersey. I had been following his campaign for several months, thanks to my New Jersey cousins Robin and Steve, and was interested in learning more. To say I was impressed by his progressive vision would be an understatement. So, I am writing to you today to give you the news first: I am endorsing Phil Murphy for Governor.

Phil’s values align with so much of what we fought for in 2016: a livable minimum wage of $15 an hour, respect for workers, an affordable college education, equal pay for equal work, reforming our broken criminal justice system, and an economy that creates a vibrant and diverse middle class and which works for Main Street, not Wall Street.

Like us, Phil is a fighter. He’s not part of the system and doesn’t owe the special interests anything. From following his campaign, I’ve seen how he’s built this movement voter by voter, one conversation at a time, through genuine grassroots organizing.

Coming off this weekend’s wildly successful protest marches across the country, we also need someone like Phil who will stand up to President Trump when his policies threaten the health of our loved ones or the basic human rights of those with the least power, like our Dreamers and immigrant families.

Not only am I endorsing Phil Murphy, I’m going to come to New Jersey to help him campaign. We’ll soon announce two opportunities to join us on Saturday, February 11, to talk about how we can make sure we elect Phil to move New Jersey in a new, progressive direction.

Phil told me how he wants to be the governor who makes decisions based on what’s best for the next generation, not his next election. In a business filled with pretenders, it’s refreshing to know there are still outsiders like Phil ready to do the right thing.

I urge you to join us. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, February 11 with Phil Murphy.

Thank you.