As Trump Republicans Begin ACA Repeal, Murphy Pledges to Protect Women’s Access to Contraception

Newark — As the Trump Republicans begin their march to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy pledged that, if elected, he would ensure all-FDA approved methods of contraception remain accessible to New Jersey women with no out-of-pocket costs — as is currently required under the landmark health law.

“No woman should have to worry about access to proven, safe, and affordable contraception in 2017 — yet now, as a result of Donald Trump and his Republican Congress, they do,” said Murphy. “Our state should be a leader in protecting a woman’s access to birth control, and if I am fortunate to be governor, we will. Gov. Christie sold out New Jersey’s women to his party’s far right wing years ago. As governor, I will reverse his outdated and anti-women policies and ensure a woman’s ability to access affordable contraception.”

Murphy said he would have New Jersey join the vanguard of progressive states that have already enacted and are considering laws to preserve access to birth control for women. Murphy said, “This is where we begin to draw the line against the Trump and Christie Republicans.” His plan would:

  • Restore state funding to Planned Parenthood. As governor, Phil Murphy would reverse Gov. Christie’s elimination of $7.5 million for family planning, noting that since 2010, 6 clinics have closed and family planning centers now serve 24% fewer patients; more than 1 million women in New Jersey are in need of contraceptive services and supplies.
  • Require insurers to cover over-the-counter emergency contraception at no cost, as is law in Maryland. Murphy noted that legislation under consideration in New York would require insurance companies to cover, without copays, multiple versions of federally approved birth control methods.
  • Allow women to receive 6-month or longer supplies of birth control. Maryland allows women to receive 6 months’ worth of birth control, while California, Oregon, and Vermont allow pharmacists to dispense a 12-month supply at once.
  • Support legislation to require retail pharmacies to carry emergency contraception, currently sponsored by Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle.