Tammy Murphy: Next Steps from the Women’s March

By Tammy Murphy

I’ve never been as inspired as I was on Saturday at the Women’s March in Trenton — one of the six sister marches in New Jersey that took place alongside the March on Washington and hundreds of others across the country and the world.

Millions took to streets, parks, city halls, and capitals: mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, friends, neighbors, and allies — all marching together for the principles of justice and equality for everyone.

In Trenton, more than 10,000 people gathered at the War Memorial and marched to the State House with pink hats, clever and heartfelt signs, and an energy that was both overwhelming and comforting at the same time. Together, we gave each other strength, courage, and hope.

As I marched and chanted along Lafayette, Broad, and State streets, I thought about all those who marched before to form a more perfect union — from abolitionists and suffragettes to civil rights leaders, immigrant workers, and others who fought for basic human rights. With each step, I reflected on how we can learn from the activism of the past to hold the Trump administration accountable and continue to advance the cause of liberty, equality, and justice.

I looked down and realized the answer to that question was right in front of me: We have to take the next step — here’s how:

  1. Urge your friends and family to volunteer for our campaign to end politics as usual. Phil has always fought for women’s rights and those of minorities and immigrants. He’ll be a governor who has the backs of all New Jerseyans.
  2. Call your representatives or go to their district offices and urge them to take action on the issues you care about — and make this something you often do.
  3. Get involved with groups like Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, and the American Civil Liberties Union. These groups need your help and support.
  4. Attend a local county or city Democratic organization meeting and get involved in local Democratic politics.
  5. Run for office yourself. There’s still time to get on the ballot in New Jersey. EMILY’s List and RunForSomething.net are great resources.

In New Jersey, we’ve seen what happens when we don’t sustain Democratic activism through multiple election cycles. That’s how we ended up with Governor Christie, who has defunded Planned Parenthood and blocked efforts to close the wage gap in New Jersey.

We can’t afford to let that happen again.

Phil will fight to ensure women have access to health care and contraception. He’ll make equal pay for equal work the law of the land. And he’ll fight to stop the Christie-Trump agenda that unfairly targets women, minorities, and people with different religious beliefs.

On Saturday, we sent a clear message that millions of people are united to advance progressive values: women’s rights are human rights; children, the sick, the poor, and the elderly should have access to healthcare; and immigrants are what makes our country great.

Now we need to rise up and be an ongoing part of the democratic process to renew America’s promise for generations to come.

March on.

Thank you.

Women's March