Murphy: Time for Christie to Buck His Party to Protect the Affordable Care Act

Newark — Phil Murphy, Democratic candidate for governor, today criticized Governor Christie’s hypocrisy for supporting Donald Trump’s demand to end the Affordable Care Act — something Christie himself campaigned for president on — while claiming children shouldn’t be subjected to the whims of insurance companies.

“The governor needs to decide with whom he stands — Donald Trump or thousands of New Jersey families who depend on the ACA,” said Murphy. “Christie either wants to protect children from the whims of insurance companies or curry favor with Donald Trump. He can’t do both.”

He urged Christie to join fellow Republican governors John Kasich of Ohio and Rick Snyder of Michigan in seeking to pull back the reins on repealing the landmark health care law, which has lowered the state’s uninsured rate by more than one-third, helped provide coverage to more more than 750,000 residents, and protected the care of the estimated 3.8 million residents with preexisting conditions.

“Countless parents of children in New Jersey with preexisting conditions have only been able to get health insurance that covers them because of the Affordable Care Act,” said Murphy. “If the governor really meant what he said, then he should be fighting tooth-and-nail against the repeal efforts of his friend Donald Trump and Trump’s lapdog Republicans in Congress.”

From Christie’s State of the State address: