Christie’s Silence Hypocritical as ACA Repeal Could Pull Health Care from Thousands of Addicts

Newark — Phil Murphy today reiterated his call for Chris Christie to break his hypocritical silence and publicly defend the Affordable Care Act two months after the governor made the state’s opioid crisis the focal point of his last year in office. Murphy said, “the governor is more interested in appearing in ads than in actually making healthcare more secure and accessible.“

Christie has refused to stand up to Donald Trump and the Republican Congress’ attempt to strip away coverage for addiction services as part of their plan to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Murphy also noted, “Governor Christie has refused to join the other GOP governors who are speaking out in opposition to gutting the ACA and to put pressure on Trump. He continues to put his own political ambition ahead of doing what’s right for New Jersey.”

The ACA’s Medicare expansion — which Christie has repeatedly touted as successful in providing health coverage for more than half-a-million New Jerseyans — has covered mental health and addiction services for approximately 1.3 million Americans, according to a report by The Washington Post. The Trump-Republican proposal would eliminate that coverage.

The law Christie signed last month requiring state-regulated health plans to cover addiction services does not apply to those on Medicaid, who make up the bulk of individuals in need of such treatment. The governor also claimed to have discussed the topic of addiction during his recent lunch with Trump.