Murphy: Christie’s Effort to Sidestep Legislature on Allowing Concealed Carry a Move of Trumpian Proportions

Newark — Governor Christie is once again putting politics ahead of what is good for New Jersey by gutting the state’s concealed carry law, Phil Murphy said today. Murphy said the move echoes attempts by the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress to overrule state laws and values on commonsense gun safety measures.

“Governor Christie’s continuous audition to join Donald Trump’s administration will put the lives of his own constituents at greater risk,” said Murphy. “The governor’s attempt to single-handedly enact the will of the gun lobby and Donald Trump in watering down our laws is not only dangerous, but counter to the values of the majority of New Jerseyans. The Legislature has spoken time and again in favor of common sense laws that balance constitutional rights with community beliefs and values. What we’re seeing from the White House to Christie’s office is a big-footing of those ideals for purely political reasons.”