Murphy Wins Overwhelming Endorsement of Mercer County Democrats

Hamilton — Phil Murphy tonight was endorsed by the Mercer County Democrats, securing the support of the county’s grassroots leaders in what has long been recognized as the most democratic and open convention in the state.

Murphy’s name was put into nomination by County Executive Brian Hughes, and was seconded by state Senator Shirley Turner.

“Phil Murphy is a progressive Democrat’s Democrat, the right man to turn our state around, and the right man to stand up to Donald Trump,” said Hughes. “He has become a friend to Mercer County and has an agenda that will help each of our communities. I am proud to stand with Phil, and I am equally proud that the entire county does, as well.”

Murphy won the party’s endorsement with better than 90% of the vote from the approximately 275 county committee members elected to represent the values and ideals of the Democrats in their communities.

“Phil Murphy has earned our trust, having visited our communities and homes, and having talked with us one-on-one and at town halls,” said Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, county chairwoman. “His progressive agenda has support from all our communities. His commitment to growing our cities is giving our Capital City of Trenton real hope for a better future. And his support for our working families gives us all hope that we will soon have a governor who has our back.”

“Mercer County’s Democrats are engaged, progressive, and committed to a better future,” said Murphy. “I am honored by the friendships that have been forged and I am deeply honored to have their support. Together, we will continue the charge for progressive change that will make a difference in the lives of all residents, and create an economy and state that works for everyone.”