Sierra Club Endorses Phil Murphy for Governor

Released by the New Jersey Sierra Club:

The New Jersey Sierra Club is announcing our endorsement of Ambassador Phil Murphy for the 2017 New Jersey Gubernatorial Election. Murphy served as the U.S. Ambassador to Germany under President Obama. Before that, he served as Finance Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

“We are proud to announce our endorsement of Phil Murphy to be New Jersey’s next Governor. We believe that as Governor, he will bring a new vigor and energy to the Statehouse while enacting important environmental initiatives. We are confident that he will fight to protect our environment and our resources while fighting climate change. We believe that he will stand up to the rollbacks of the Trump Administration while promoting clean energy and protecting New Jersey from future storm events,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “We support Ambassador Murphy as Governor because for too long in New Jersey our system has been broken. There are too many insiders working with special interest and polluters to undermine the environment and climate change. This also undermines green jobs and impacts public health and it has to change. Phil Murphy recognizes that the environment of New Jersey must be protected for future generations and that the land and water belong to all of us.”

Phil Murphy has a strong national background working with Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee. This shows that he has the capabilities and experience to run this state. His work in Germany, as well as the United States gives him a multi-national view of how to protect the environment. He has already spoken out against the abuses of the Trump Administration and against many of the decisions of Governor Christie.

“As Governor, Phil Murphy will help transition New Jersey to a green economy by promoting renewable energy over fossil fuels. Under Governor Christie we lost close to half our solar jobs and have not followed through on our potential for offshore wind. Phil Murphy supports making New Jersey a leader in wind and solar power once again. He will fight offshore drilling and commit to an Energy Master Plan that will move us away from divisive one-off projects and to a coordinated and sustainable future. Not only will he stop Christie’s rollbacks on air and water protections, but he will move forward with stronger environmental protections. He will also work to constitutionally dedicate environmental settlement funds and promote jobs in clean energy fields such as wind and solar,” said Jeff Tittel.

The Ambassador has been outspoken critic of Governor Christie’s failure to protect New Jersey’s drinking water. He has stated his plans to update aging water infrastructure and stopping the diversion of lead remediation funds. He also supporting increasing recycling efforts as well as strengthening environmental protections, particularly in low-income areas. He is opposed to any fracking or dumping of fracking waste in New Jersey as well. Governor Christie has stacked many important Councils and Commission with people who represent the gas and oil industries. Murphy will protect the Highlands and Pinelands by appointing the right people to roles meant to protecting the environment.

“New Jersey used to be a national leader in environmental protections and with Phil Murphy as Governor, we will be again. He will bring much needed reform and change to the state, especially the Department of Environmental Protection. Under the current Administration, the DEP has rolled back important environmental protections and refused to acknowledge or incorporate the threats of climate change. Phil Murphy will work to protect New Jersey from future storm events by promoting reducing greenhouse gasses and switching our state to a green economy. We look forward to working with him if he is elected as the next Governor of New Jersey,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “It’s time New Jersey had a leader for a change.”

The Sierra Club is not only the nation’s oldest and largest environmental group, but one of the most influential when it comes to making political endorsements. As Tittel describes it, “The Sierra Club endorsement is the green version of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.”