Watch: Phil Murphy takes on Donald Trump in new TV Ad

By Phil Murphy

I’ve traveled all across New Jersey, and just about everywhere I go, people tell me they’re worried about the direction President Donald Trump is taking our country and what his policies will mean for them and their families.

Whether it’s a recent immigrant fearful about discrimination or worse, a senior citizen stressed about the cost of healthcare, a woman nervous about reproductive care, a parent concerned that a toxic dump will now never be cleaned up, or any number of New Jerseyans who have concerns about Trump’s administration, the question I get is the same.

What are you going to do to fight back?

Here’s what I say: We are better than this. As governor, I will defend New Jersey and stand up to President Trump every time he attacks the vulnerable or defies our Constitution. I’ve got your back, and the fight back starts here in New Jersey with this campaign.

Thanks to you, we’ve been hard at work to hold President Trump accountable through grassroots activism — and now your support is helping us take the fight to the airwaves. Watch the new TV ad and share it with your friends:

I’m not going to let President Trump get away with betraying our values or our history of welcoming immigrants, bragging about alternative facts, trying to outlaw a woman’s right to choose, or gutting environmental safeguards.

But I can’t do it alone.

Look, your continued activism and support is what we need to win this race and lead Democrats back with progressive change. Watch and share the video.

Thank you,

Phil Murphy