Murphy lays out vision for New Jersey’s STEM economy as the Gateway to a 21st Century Middle Class

Newark – Seeking to create jobs and spur growth across New Jersey, Phil Murphy unveiled a multi-tiered plan to revitalize New Jersey’s STEM economy, saying “if we don’t get our economy right for this generation, we won’t get New Jersey right for the generations to come.”

He spoke of his vision for making New Jersey the home for new technology and innovation-based businesses and industries — creating an ecosystem to nurture tech businesses, increasing the accessibility of STEM education, and strengthening privacy safeguards — at an NJ Tech Meetup in Hoboken earlier this week.

“Before there was Silicon Valley, there was New Jersey,” Murphy said. “From Bell Labs to pharma, from life sciences to telecom, people once looked up to New Jersey as a worldwide leader in innovation. Today’s dynamic economy demands a commitment to a dynamic business ecosystem, world-class education, and cutting edge cybersecurity for a 21st century workforce. We can do better, and in my administration, New Jersey will once again emerge as a leader in the STEM economy.”

“For New Jersey’s tech entrepreneurs and innovators this plan gives hope to our future, reclaiming our stance as a leading technology hub. With broad assets and energy around innovation and technology, this plan can help accelerate businesses and provide education for careers in the modern economy,” said Aaron Price, founder of the NJ Tech Meetup.

“It takes someone who understands how economies work to put forward such a far-reaching plan. Phil has proven that he understands not only the needs of the tech community, but also the greater community that yearns for new jobs and economic opportunities,” said Pastor Steffie Bartley, coordinator-director of NAN Newark Tech Work, which is run in partnership with Panasonic. “NAN Newark Tech World will be the go-to community-based institution to provide IT training for the Newark community. With STEM-focused learning and a forward-looking economic plan, the next generation in New Jersey will be able to lead.”

“For communities focused on innovation, Phil’s plan to drive research and development investments is welcome more than ever,” said Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert. “With some of the world’s leading institutions already right here in our state, and the capacity they have to expand ground-breaking research, this plan is a win-win.”

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