Murphy: NJTransit Commuter Nightmare A Legacy of Christie’s Mismanagement & Ignorance

Newark — With no end in sight to the nightmare for New Jersey commuters into New York City, Phil Murphy today blasted the Christie administration and NJTransit for their handling of the situation, saying “while NJTransit may be on a holiday schedule, it’s no holiday for commuters.”

“The disrespect being shown to commuters is an outrage, and they deserve both straight answers and more buses now, and an NJTransit that is reliable and responsive, day-in and day-out,” said Murphy. “For seven years, commuters have seen fares skyrocket and customer service diminish, all while Governor Christie pulled funds from NJTransit to fill his budget holes and canceled the ARC Tunnel to set up his run for president. The Christie administration has proven itself completely ignorant to the needs of commuters. As governor, I will see that this mismanagement ends and that commuters once again have an NJTransit that answers to them.”

In 2010, Christie pulled state funding from the proposed ARC Tunnel that was to increase rail capacity into New York City; that tunnel was to open in 2018. A senior fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute tweeted that Christie’s move “was one of worst decisions by any recent gov.”

“This administration has shown they are far more expert in stopping traffic than making the trains run on time,” said Murphy.