Murphy Pledges to Ignore Trump’s Anti-Planned Parenthood Law & Fully Fund Women’s Health in New Jersey

Newark — Phil Murphy today said President Trump’s and the Republican Congress’ latest effort to defund Planned Parenthood wouldn’t matter in his administration, as he would ignore a new federal statute and utilize all available federal funds to fully fund women’s health programs and Planned Parenthood.

A new federal law now allows states to block federal Title X funds to family planning centers that provide abortion services — despite that fact that many of those clinics also provide vital primary and prenatal care — a move Murphy said would “give free rein to turning women’s health into a political football.”

“These kinds of political games with women’s health will stop when I am governor,” said Murphy. “Not only will I never block any federal funds, I will restore the funding Governor Christie stripped from Planned Parenthood in his relentless assault on women’s health. If President Trump and the GOP want to put the health of women across the country at risk, we will stand up to them each and every time. In New Jersey, under my leadership, we will get back to being the state that supports women.”