Murphy Shatters State Record with 43,042 Petition Signatures

Newark — Phil Murphy today presented 43,042 petition signatures to the New Jersey Division of Elections, obliterating the state record with a filing that shows deep grassroots support and energy for new leadership.

“Everywhere I go Democrats are energized, excited, and ready to take on the Trump-Christie agenda,” said Murphy. “I am grateful to every person who endorsed our campaign. We’ll harness their energy to build a better state from the middle class out and create more opportunity for all nine million who proudly call New Jersey home.”

The former record of 14,835 signatures was held by Governor Christie’s filing for his 2013 reelection effort.

“Each signature is itself a statement of grassroots support, a statement that a voter trusts you to represent their values and beliefs. Together they make a very loud statement,” said Murphy. “We have built a broad coalition of hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans, organized labor, community leaders, progressive organizations, communities of faith — all committed to a New Jersey that works for everyone. This is their campaign. It has been from the very beginning.”

Murphy has received the endorsements of all 21 Democratic county committees, nearly four-dozen labor unions, both the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club, and the state’s two leading Progressive organizations: BlueWaveNJ and the New Jersey Working Families Alliance.