Phil Murphy: The Garden State can lead the way for environmental protection and clean energy jobs

By Phil Murphy

We have a president who believes that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese, and an EPA administrator who holds both the environment and his own agency in contempt.

We have a governor who slashes funds for renewable energy — where New Jersey was once a leader — allowing other states to become thriving hubs of green technology jobs while our economy lags behind.

Despite these challenges, I believe the Garden State can still lead the way for environmental protection and the clean energy jobs of the future.

With your help, I will be the progressive, data-driven governor who puts us on a path to 100% clean energy by 2050. My plan invests in solar and makes the most aggressive push in the nation for wind-based energy, and I hope you’ll read more about it on

But with President Trump’s budget proposal calling for a 31% funding cut to the EPA, we can’t wait to act. On Earth Day, make a stand for the health of our children and our future — sign the petition and call on Congress to reject Trump’s cuts to the EPA.

While we have not even reached the end of President Trump’s first 100 days, we have already seen his administration attack the environment and green energy: the gutting of clean water rules; the elimination of efforts to fight climate change; the ignorance of science and data; and a single-minded focus on promoting fossil fuels, especially coal, instead of renewable and alternative sources.

That’s why I addressed the League of Conservation Voters Conference today. We must work together to undo the damage Governor Christie has caused to advance environmental protection and lead the green economy, despite President Trump’s reckless proposals.

New Jersey has more Superfund sites than any other state — and an astounding 89% of New Jerseyans live within a mile of a contaminated site. We have far too many old homes and buildings that expose children to dangerous amounts of lead. Our beautiful shore, with its multi-billion dollar tourism industry, must continue to ensure its waters are safe for wildlife and recreation.

So we must both lead our state forward in the green economy and fight back against President Trump and his allies. I am committed to the task, and I’m proud to have the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club standing with me in this campaign.

Will you stand with me on Earth Day and sign the petition telling Congress to reject President Trump’s budget that decimates environmental protection and clean energy?

Thank you.