Murphy promotes shared services at New Jersey Association of Counties conference

Atlantic City — Phil Murphy spoke before a meeting of the New Jersey Association of Counties this morning in Atlantic City, highlighting the efforts of counties in promoting and enacting shared-service agreements that help save taxpayers money while ensuring a high-quality delivery of services.

“Our communities, while they have their own personalities and unique traits, also have many points of commonality. And it is those points through which the county form of government shines,” Murphy said. “More and more, people are coming to recognize that working together in regional or county-wide agreements isn’t just good for saving taxpayer money, it’s good for ensuring a better delivery of services and a higher quality of life.”

Murphy has said that, as governor, he would see the state partner with communities and provide funding for feasibility studies exploring shared services. And, should communities seek to merge or share services, he would see that the state help in the financing of the agreement.

He committed to working with county officials to ensure they have the resources necessary to implement bail reform measures, including increasing courthouse security.

Murphy also told county officials that he would end the diversions of dedicated tax revenues from their specific purposes, specifically noting reports that showed how $1.4 billion in cellular service tax revenues meant to implement a next generation 9-1-1 emergency services system had been siphoned to other areas of the budget over the past ten years.

“As governor, I will stop these diversions. I will invest dedicated funds — whether for 9-1-1 services, clean energy, affordable housing — to their dedicated purpose,” he said.