New Jersey Retired Public Employees Organization Endorses Phil Murphy

Newark — The New Jersey Retired Public Employees Organization today announced its endorsement of Phil Murphy to be New Jersey’s next governor.

The announcement follows an overwhelming vote by the organization’s sixteen-member Advisory Board to endorse Murphy. The membership of the NJRPEO is comprised of retirees and current employees from all seven state pension groups.

“Our endorsement sends a strong signal to all 325,000 retired public employees that Phil Murphy will be the governor who has their backs. Our goals are mutual — to restore the health of our pension systems for current and future retirees and live up to the promises made,” said John Avigliano, Chairperson of the New Jersey Retired Public Employees Organization. “Unlike our current governor, Phil has genuine respect for the work all retired public employees did on behalf of residents, and will honor the commitments that the state has made.”

Avigliano further said that Murphy has shown a superior skill set — with extensive real-world experience and knowledge of the severe problems associated with pension’s unfunded liability — and the ability to work in partnership to find practical solutions to secure the pension and health benefits of all retired public employees. He said NJRPEO will work tirelessly to ensure all its members support Phil Murphy.

“New Jersey’s retired and current public employees aren’t asking for special treatment, they simply are asking that they be treated with respect and that the state lives up to the promises it has made,” said Murphy. “They need a governor who isn’t going to call them names, but will work with them to turn the pension system around. I am grateful to have the support for the Retired Public Employee Organization, and look forward to forging that needed partnership.”