Murphy: Trump Decision to Bar Transgender Americans from Military Service ‘Simply Disgusting’

Newark — Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy today released the following statement on President Trump’s decision to bar transgender Americans from serving in the United States Military:

“President Trump’s decision to strip rights from active duty military personnel who have been serving honestly and openly for more than a year is simply disgusting. Because of this hateful action, up to 15,000 members of the United States Military are now left wondering whether or not they will be dishonorably discharged due to nothing more than being open about who they are. Discrimination anywhere, but particularly in our military, is unacceptable no matter the flimsy excuse.

“I have already said that, as governor, I will work to ensure LGBTQ veterans discharged because of their orientation under previous policies will have access to state veterans benefits. I will now also fight for any military veterans discharged due to this horrific transgender ban.

“Sixty-nine years ago today, President Harry Truman signed Executive Order 9981, which desegregated the United States Armed Forces. It is in that spirit that I stand with the thousands of transgender military members working to keep us safe each and every day.”