Phil Murphy: Sheila Oliver for Lt. Governor

Today, I’m thrilled to announce Assemblywoman and Speaker Emerita Sheila Oliver as my choice for Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey. I’m proud to have her on board as a part of this team.

Sheila is the perfect person to help create an economy that is stronger and fairer for all New Jerseyans. In the Assembly, Sheila has been a strong leader in standing up for working people against powerful interests. Most of all, she knows the hard work New Jerseyans do every day to put food on their tables and make ends meet.

She’s a leader who has the backs of New Jerseyans.

If you’re as thrilled to have Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver join the team as I am, please sign up to be a part of this campaign.

As long as I’ve known Sheila, I’ve known her to be a fighter.

As a member of the Assembly, she’s been a leader in the battles for equal pay, increases in the minimum wage, and making millionaires and corporations pay their fair share. And time after time she voted to override Governor Christie’s mean-spirited vetoes of Planned Parenthood funding.

Sheila has consistently put people first. She voted against wasting millions of our tax dollars on corporate welfare. She fought funding cuts to healthcare for women and children. She opposed the Christie-Guadagno administration when they cruelly cut property tax relief for New Jersey’s senior citizens.

And Sheila’s never been afraid to forcefully speak up for what’s right. She’s been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ equality, and she’s been a fierce voice in the fight to protect our neighborhoods from violence by standing up to the NRA with common sense gun safety measures.

Sheila will stand up for your right to affordable healthcare, your children’s right to quality education, and a better economy for our future. I’m proud to know she’ll be fighting right alongside me.

But we cannot win these fights without you. Please help Sheila and me win this election to bring leadership to New Jersey that focuses on delivering results for working people — join the campaign today.

Thank you,

Phil Murphy