As NJ Turns Voter Data Over to Trump, Guadagno’s Excuse Rings Even More Hollow

Newark — Phil Murphy today blasted Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno’s months-long silence and failure to protect the privacy of New Jerseyans as state officials begin to turn over voter data to the Trump administration panel being run by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has a history of voter suppression.

Time and again, Guadagno has refused to comment on Kobach’s request, claiming that she has recused herself from the matter. However, in a letter dated January 25 — but not released until nine days after Kobach requested the state’s voter information — Guadagno recused herself only “from all matters involving the 2017 Primary and General elections.” As the request from the Trump administration’s panel does not pertain to this year’s elections, her excuse rings hollow.

“Kim Guadagno selectively refused to exercise her constitutional and statutory authority to protect the information and privacy of more than 5.7 million New Jerseyans from an administration panel that is openly hostile to voting rights and voter protection,” said Murphy. “If she won’t step in on behalf of residents now, how can she be trusted to do so next year? It begs the question of what New Jerseyans are getting for her $141,000 salary.”