Murphy commits to ‘bump stock’ ban as Guadagno slams door on even thinking about it

Newark — Phil Murphy today lauded the efforts of state legislators to implement a full statewide ban on “bump stocks,” the accessory used by the Las Vegas shooter to effectively turn a semi-automatic weapon into a fully-automatic one.

Yesterday, state Senators Raymond Lesniak, Richard Codey, and Loretta Weinberg announced their intention to introduce legislation creating a statewide prohibition on the devices.

Murphy said that, as governor, he would sign such a bill “without hesitation.”

On the other hand, Kim Guadagno has dismissed any further talk of common sense gun safety laws, saying flatly on Tuesday, “I won’t change the gun laws, simple as that. I won’t change the gun laws.”

“I applaud Senators Lesniak, Codey, and Weinberg for recognizing that we can be proactive to protect the public’s safety while also being respectful of the rights of law-abiding gun owners,” said Murphy. “Meanwhile, Kim Guadagno has made it clear that she will camp out behind her ‘A’ rating and endorsement by the NRA. She’s not even willing to listen. That’s not leadership, that’s called being in the back pocket of the gun lobby. The ‘F’ I got from the NRA is the proudest ‘F’ of my life.”