Murphy: ‘Simple as that,’ Guadagno slams door on common sense gun safety, like banning .50 caliber weapons

Newark — Phil Murphy blasted Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno for her admission yesterday that she would not even consider common sense gun safety measures as governor, including a ban on .50 caliber weapons that Governor Christie himself proposed in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy but subsequently flip-flopped on and vetoed when the bill reached his desk despite two-thirds of residents supporting such a ban.

In an interview yesterday with the Asbury Park Press, Guadagno said flat-out, “I wouldn’t change the gun laws, simple as that. I wouldn’t change the gun laws.”

On Monday, she dodged any questions on gun safety following the mass shooting in Las Vegas that left 58 dead, saying a meaningful discussion on how to curb gun violence and protect residents should be “another day.”

“Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno says she wouldn’t even discuss changing the gun laws, which tells us all we need to know about who she truly represents,” Murphy said. “Kim Guadagno went from not wanting to talk about gun safety to slamming the door on the discussion in under 24 hours. She clearly values her ‘A’ grade from the NRA more than the health and safety of the people of New Jersey. Despite what she and Governor Christie say, it is empirically clear that sensible gun safety measures save lives.”