Putting the Justice in Criminal Justice

“We must work to bridge the gap between police and the communities they serve. I will be an inclusive governor that brings all parties together to achieve real criminal justice reform.”

Phil believes that the status quo in criminal justice has failed too many, and it is time to address the structural racism in our criminal justice system. For too long, special interests, like the for-profit prison industry, have driven criminal justice policies – both nationally and here in New Jersey under Governor Christie. We can no longer accept policies that disproportionately target communities of color.

This is an issue Phil has grappled with both personally and in his capacity as a National Board member of the NAACP. He has led by inclusion – having brokered the first meeting between the head of the state PBA and the state chapter of the NAACP. He knows the law enforcement community must be a part of the solution, as the vast majority want to do the right thing.

Phil is committed to building a smarter, more humane criminal justice system in NJ. He will:

  • Create a commission to comprehensively re-examine our criminal laws, including mandatory minimums;
  • Fully implement bail reform so no one sits in jail because they cannot afford to pay a fine;
  • Legalize marijuana so police can focus resources on violent crimes;
  • Expand re-entry services, so that the people coming out of prison have the support they need to return to productive lives; and
  • Expand the use of body cameras to promote transparency and accountability.