Ensuring LGBTQ Equality

“New Jersey must ensure equality of all of our residents, period. I proudly stand with our LGBTQ brothers and sisters and say we will not give an inch in the fight for equal treatment under the law and in our society.”

In the era of Donald Trump, Phil will not give an inch on the equal treatment of our LGBTQ neighbors. Phil is a strong and consistent advocate for the equal treatment of the LGBTQ community. As a truly inclusive governor, Phil will expand and enforce anti-discrimination and anti-bullying protections for LGBTQ individuals. He will ensure that all residents have equal access to health care, including fertility treatment, regardless of sexual orientation. And he will eliminate once and for all the archaic and discriminatory laws that subject LGBTQ residents to second class status.

Phil strongly believes that no one in New Jersey — from military veterans to small business owners to aspiring parents — should be treated differently because of whom they love.

Specifically, Phil will:

  • Allow transgender people to select their gender on birth and death certificates and ensure that access to facilities is non-discriminatory;
    Ensure that all residents, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, have equal access to healthcare and fertility treatment;
  • Expand state contract set-asides to include LGBTQ-owned businesses, to make sure LGBTQ business leaders have a fair shot to get ahead; and
  • Reclassify veterans dishonorably discharged due to the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy to an honorable discharge – so that they will be eligible for the state benefits they and their families are owed for fighting for our country.