Getting Education Right

“We don’t get New Jersey right unless we get our economy right, and we don’t get our economy right unless we get education right.”

Phil is a public school product and his sister recently retired as a Boston city educator. He is proud to have received the endorsement of the NJEA, which represents over 200,000 educators statewide.

Phil believes that our public schools are a critical part of what makes this state great. People move here and businesses invest here because of the world-class public schools in New Jersey. But for too long, we’ve had leaders who would rather spend money on tax breaks for large corporations than invest in our children’s future.

Governor Christie has underfunded schools by more than $8 billion and attacked our educators at every step. Phil will put our educators ahead of the special interests. He will treat them with respect and allow them to get back to doing what they do best: educate.

Rather than blaming educators, Phil will work with them to develop an education system that prepares every child to succeed in a 21st century economy by:

  • Restoring and funding the only school funding formula that has been upheld by the Supreme Court;
  • Working to expand free pre-K to all families in NJ;
  • Ending high-stakes testing and replacing PARCC with shorter tests that provide real-time feedback to help educators correct problems immediately;
  • Implementing a state-of-the-art STEM curriculum;
  • Expanding access to community colleges for high school students and creating new vocational training programs to provide alternative pathways to success; and
  • Giving local communities a stronger voice in education decisions by working to end state takeovers and abandoning the top-down approach of the Christie administration.