Making Home Ownership More Affordable and Accessible

“Affordable housing is one of the primary doors through which people enter and stay in the middle class. Every New Jerseyan should have access to safe, affordable housing.”

Phil is committed to helping make sure that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules has a chance to build a middle-class life. Governor Christie has waged war on affordable housing in order to pay for giveaways to developers and special interests, and he has turned his back on homeowners who need help. As a result, New Jerseyans face some of the highest housing costs and the highest property taxes in the nation. We also continue to suffer from the effects of the Great Recession, including the highest foreclosure rate in the country.

We face an affordable housing crisis in our state. Phil will tackle it head-on by:

  • Stopping Governor Christie’s practice of diverting affordable housing funds to plug holes in the budget;
  • Expanding counseling programs to keep people in their homes and repurposing foreclosed properties as affordable housing;
  • Expanding tax credits to create new housing; and
  • Lowering property taxes by funding our schools, incentivizing shared services, and restoring rebates to low-income, seniors and disabled residents.