Protecting Immigrant Rights, Protecting New Jersey Values

“Immigrants and Dreamers represent our best hopes and aspirations. They are a vital part of our state and our future. I will protect them and ensure that their dreams do in fact come true right here, in their home state.”

For New Jersey to succeed in the 21st century and for all of us to thrive, we need to continue to be a state that welcomes people who want to come here to work hard, contribute to our economy, and get ahead, and not close ourselves off from the world or turn our backs on our neighbors. Phil believes that there is no greater tragedy than when we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to educate a hard-working student through 12th grade, only to tell them that they are on their own.

Now that Donald Trump is President, Phil will protect the Dreamers and oppose any efforts to use state and local police to assist in mass deportations. He will also end Governor Christie’s pandering to the hard-right special interests and take action at the state level to make life easier for our undocumented neighbors by:

  • Providing drivers licenses and statewide ID to undocumented residents;
  • Extending in-state financial aid to the Dreamers;
  • Increasing access to professional licenses for immigrants; and
  • Raising the minimum wage, guaranteeing earned sick leave, and strengthening workplace protections.