Ending the Mismanagement and Building a World Class Transportation Infrastructure

“Trenton politicians have mismanaged and underfunded our public transportation systems – allowing them to fall into disrepair and passing huge costs onto commuters. We’ve all had enough. It’s time for leadership that invests in infrastructure for a 21st century economy.”

We cannot grow our economy without world-class infrastructure, but the same old politicians in Trenton have spent decades letting our roads, bridges, railways, and ports crumble. Governor Christie has let our transportation infrastructure fall even further into disrepair – allowing the Transportation Trust Fund to go bankrupt, cancelling the ARC tunnel, and turning the Port Authority into a personal political patronage pit. His mismanagement of key transportation agencies resulted in dangerous roads and unsafe and unreliable rail, all while tolls and fares keep going up due to the lack of fiscal discipline in Trenton.

As governor, Phil will work to create a 21st-century economy that works for all of us, not just the special interests, and part of that is growing our economy through investments in our infrastructure. Specifically, Phil will:

  • Complete Gateway and fight for every federal transportation dollar;
  • Distribute TTF projects based on need, not politics;
  • Start a public bank that will assist towns with small-scale infrastructure projects;
  • Increase oversight of the Turnpike, NJ Transit, and the Port Authority; and
  • Increase state investment to lower the burden on consumers.