Ending Wall Street’s Influence on State Street

“The Christie-Trump agenda puts Wall Street power before the well-being of retirees and middle-class families trying to save for their futures. As Governor, I’ll lead the way in getting Wall Street off of State Street.”

Rather than holding bankers accountable for wrecking the global economy, Governor Christie and the insiders in Trenton kept looking out for special interests while all the economic gains went to those at the top. In New Jersey, the wealthiest 1% continue to pay a far lower share of their income in state and local taxes than the lowest-income residents. Phil strongly believes that is unacceptable in 2017.

Phil will put the interests of New Jersey’s working and middle-class families ahead of Wall Street by:

  • Creating a public bank to invest in Main Street, so that NJ money is put to work for NJ, not for Wall Street;
  • Divesting our pension funds from hedge funds and private equity;
  • Establishing a state-level Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and strengthening existing regulations in light of President Trump’s efforts to roll-back the federal Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law;
  • Ensuring tax fairness by enacting a millionaire’s tax and closing loopholes for wealthy individuals and large corporations; and
  • Holding bankers accountable by prosecuting financial fraud.