Protecting the environment

Climate Change

Phil will immediately restore New Jersey’s place in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Governor Christie’s decision to pull out not only slowed progress on lowering emissions, but it also cost New Jerseyans tens of millions of dollars that should have been used to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, and improve air quality in urban communities.

Phil understands that we need to generate clean energy here in New Jersey and not import polluting electricity from neighboring states while exporting jobs. That is why he will increase the amount of electricity utilities are required to purchase from local wind and solar sources. He will also make sure New Jersey develops its enormous offshore wind opportunities, which will not only reduce our carbon footprint but has the potential to create good, new jobs in New Jersey. Phil will also develop a plan for New Jersey to eventually reach 100% carbon-free electricity. Through these efforts, NJ will regain its place as a national clean energy leader, which will both protect our environment and grow our economy.

Phil also knows that transportation is by far the largest source of climate pollution in the state. That is one reason why he believes it is paramount that the mismanagement of NJ Transit be corrected immediately. Phil will work to restore the safety and reliability of the country’s best statewide transit system. He also believes more needs to be done to make sure that electric vehicles are a priority and that all travelers, especially commuters, have easy, affordable access to electric vehicle charging stations.

Protecting the Jersey Shore

Phil understands that enjoying the Shore is a birthright for all New Jerseyans. That is why it is essential that we work with federal authorities to continue to protect the Shore from damaging storms like Superstorm Sandy, and the ever increasing threat of sea level rise. A more resilient Jersey Shore can thrive if we work hard to protect it. With the Trump Administration threatening to drill everywhere, we also need to be vigilant to protect the Shore from the possibility of oil drilling off our coast. Working with our federal delegation, Phil will be a leader to prevent oil spills from damaging our multibillion tourism and fishing economies.

Preserving Open Space

As the most densely populated state in the nation, Phil understands that preserving our open space is essential. Phil will stop the practice of diverting constitutionally-dedicated open space funding away from its intended purpose. He will also depoliticize key environmental staff and commissions — including those that protect the Highlands and Pinelands — and restore New Jersey as a leader in smart planning.